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The Sound Town STPAS-G2000 plate amplifier is a robust solution for a variety of audio applications, delivering an impressive 2 x 800W continuous power at 8Ω. This 2-channel class-D amplifier is designed to provide exceptional audio output, making it ideal for a range of settings. It features convenient connectivity options, including two XLR-1/4" combo inputs and two XLR outputs, which are switchable between through or high-pass filter (HPF) modes. This allows for easy connection of microphones and instruments, ensuring a flexible and seamless setup for any event.

Equipped with four low-pass filter (LPF) EQ presets, the STPAS-G2000 offers complete control over your sound, enabling you to tailor the audio to suit different environments or personal preferences. The amplifier enhances the audio experience further with its dynamic bass enhancement and RMS dynamic processor, providing an immersive and rich bass experience that will captivate any audience.

Designed with durability in mind, the STPAS-G2000 features a sturdy construction, complete with an integrated aluminum heat sink panel designed for efficient heat dissipation. It also includes overcurrent and short circuit protection, guaranteeing the amplifier's longevity even in the most demanding conditions. Whether you're a professional audio engineer or an enthusiast, the Sound Town STPAS-G2000 plate amplifier is a reliable, high-performing choice for delivering superior sound quality.

  • SOUND TOWN STPAS-G2000 PLATE AMP: Capable of 800W continuous (8Ω) per channel, the STPAS-G2000 2-channel class-D plate power amplifier offers exceptional audio output for various applications.
  • XLR-1/4“ COMBO INPUT & XLR OUTPUT CONNECTIVITY: Connect with ease using the two XLR-1/4" combo inputs and two XLR outputs (through or HPF switchable). Effortlessly hook up microphones and instruments, and enjoy flexible audio routing for a seamless setup.
  • BUILT-IN PRESETS: Take complete control of your sound with the 4 LPF EQ presets to optimize your audio settings to suit any environment or preference.
  • ENHANCED BASS EXPERIENCE: Dynamic bass enhancement and RMS dynamic processor elevate your bass experience, delivering an immersive audio experience for your audience.
  • DESIGNED FOR DURABILITY: Featuring sturdy construction with an integrated aluminum heat sink panel, over current, and short circuit protection, the STPAS-G2000 amplifier is built to withstand the most demanding conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance.


Model STPAS-G2000
Description 2-Channel subwoofer plate amplifier with LPF
Type Class-D
Supports Impedance 8Ω
Power 2 x 800W Continuous
Feature LPF, HPF
Input 2 x XLR-1/4" combo (mic/line)
Output 2 x XLR (thru) w/ HPF switchable
Control HPF, LPF, polarity
Protection Overload and overcurrent protection
Technical Specifications 4 LPF EQ setting
Voltage 110V-220V switchable
Speaker Reference Model# CARME-218SBPWZETHUS-218SPW


Dimension & Weight

Product Width (in.) 9.3" Package Width (in.) 18.7"
Product Height (in.) 17.1" Package Height (in.) 8.1"
Product Depth (in.) 3.5" Package Depth (in.) 9.4"
Product Weight (lb.) 9.7 lbs Package Weight (lb.) 11.7 lbs



Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year