Make it easier to move your ZETHUS-218S or ZETHUS-218SPW subwoofers with this sturdy plywood caster board ZSCB-218S. Designed specifically for these subwoofer models, it features two slotted designs, ensuring a perfect fit and secure attachment during transportation. The caster board comes equipped with four rolling wheels, including two with locking brakes, allowing for easy mobility and secure positioning. With its robust construction and weight capacity of 660 lbs, this caster board is the ideal choice for safely moving heavy subwoofers. Whether you're setting up a large-scale event or need to transport your subwoofers between locations, this board ensures convenient and reliable mobility and can also serve as a practical tool for moving furniture.

  • High-quality plywood material offers strength and longevity.
  • Supports a maximum weight of 660 lbs, ensuring safe transport of your Sound Town ZETHUS-218S or ZETHUS-218SPW subwoofers and also makes it an excellent option for moving furniture with ease.
  • Four rolling wheels, two of them equipped with locking brakes, for easy mobility and secure positioning.
  • Two slotted designs for better subwoofer adaptation. Provides convenient mobility for your subwoofers during gigs or events.
  • Two handle openings on the caster board for easy carrying and transportation.

Dimension & Weight
Product Width (in.) 46.9" Package Width (in.) 47.5"
Product Height (in.) 5.0" Package Height (in.) 9.1"
Product Depth (in.) 32.2" Package Depth (in.) 32.8"
Product Weight (lb.) 39.6 lbs Package Weight (lb.) 42.9 lbs

Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year