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The Sound Town ZS-M115SM3PWX2 line array system includes:

  • (1) ZETHUS-M3PW 6 x 3“ Ultra-Compact Powered Line Array PA Speakers, 2-Pack
  • (1) ZETHUS-M115SPW 15" Powered Line Array Subwoofer
  • (1) ZETHUS-M3AD Subwoofer Speaker Stand and Mounting Adapter

Introducing the Sound Town ZETHUS Series ZS-M115SM3PWX2 compact powered line array set. This audio solution includes (2) ZETHUS-M3PW compact full-range powered line array loudspeakers, a ZETHUS-M115SPW 15" powered line array subwoofer, and a ZETHUS-M3AD mounting adapter speaker pole for seamless ground-stacking configurations for any venue.

The ZETHUS-M3PW speakers are ultra-compact and lightweight at just 17.1 lbs each, yet they do not compromise on sound quality. Each ZETHUS-M3PW speaker packs a punch with its six 3" mid-low frequency drivers and six 1" dome tweeters powered by the class-D amplifier and built-in digital signal processor (DSP), capable of 300W continuous and 600W peak power. The ZETHUS-M115SPW subwoofer complements the setup with its 15" woofer, also powered by a class-D amplifier with DSP, capable of producing 700W continuous and 1400W peak power. The ZETHUS-M115SPW ensures deep, impactful bass that balances the crisp highs and mids from the ZETHUS-M3PW speakers.

Setup is simplified with the included ZETHUS-M3AD mounting adapter, adjustable from 35“ to 54”, allowing the ZETHUS-M3PW speakers to quickly mount onto the ZETHUS-M115SPW subwoofer for ground-stacking configurations. The optional ZSCB-M115S caster board (sold separately) enhances the system’s portability, making it even easier to transport and setup at any location. The Sound Town ZETHUS Series ZS-M115SM3PWX2 is a testament to superior sound engineering, combining powerful audio performance, portability, and durability in one unique package. Ideal for small to medium sized venues and applications such as clubs, bars, school auditoriums, churches, restaurants, touring bands, and event organizers, the ZETHUS Series delivers unparalleled sound quality and performance, making it a top choice for audio professionals seeking reliability in their sound systems.

  • ZETHUS SERIES ZS-M115SM3PWX2 POWERED LINE ARRAY SET: The Sound Town ZETHUS Series ZS-M115SM3PWX2 line array set includes (2) ZETHUS-M3PW compact full-range powered line array loudspeakers in total, (1) ZETHUS-M115SPW powered line array subwoofer and (1) ZETHUS-M3AD mounting adapter for ground-stacking setup
  • ZETHUS-M3PW ULTRA-COMPACT POWERED LINE ARRAY SPEAKERS: Includes 2 ZETHUS-M3PW compact full-range powered line array speakers, each equipped with (6) 3" mid-low frequency drivers and (6) 1" dome tweeter, weighing 17.1 lbs each, and capable of 300W continuous, 600W peak power. The ZETHUS-M3PW speaker is powered by a class-D amp with built-in digital signal processor (DSP)
  • ZETHUS-M115SPW 15" POWERED LINE ARRAY SUBWOOFER: The Sound Town ZETHUS-M115SPW compact line array subwoofer features a 15" woofer with a 4" voice coil, powered by a class-D amplifier with an integrated DSP, capable of 700W continuous and 1400W peak power
  • TOUR-LEVEL CRAFTSMANSHIP: Crafted from high-quality birch plywood and reinforced with a heavy-duty metal grille, the ZETHUS Series line array cabinets are designed to minimize distortion even at high volume output, providing a clean, crisp sound you can expect from tour-quality craftsmanship
  • PORTABLE GROUND-STACK SETUP: Quickly and easily stack the ZETHUS-M3PW speakers onto the ZETHUS-M115SPW subwoofer for ground-stack configurations using the included ZETHUS-M3AD speaker pole stand, adjustable from 35“ to 54”. The Sound Town ZSCB-M115S caster board (sold separately) makes transportation much easier and allows for convenient mobile ground-stack setups


Active / Passive Active  Active
Frequency Range 100Hz-18kHz 30Hz-180Hz
Frequency Response 105Hz-18kHz 35Hz-180Hz
Sensitivity 100 dB 102 dB
SPL Max 98 dB 131 dB
Dispersion 120º x 15º (H x V) Omnidirectional
Configuration Full-range line array 15" line array subwoofer
Transducer LF: 6 X 3" driver, HF: 6 X 1" dome tweeter LF: 15" woofer, HF: --
Voice Coil 0.75" 4.0"
Magnet 5 oz 120 oz
Power Handling 300W Continuous, 600W Peak 700W Continuous, 1400W Peak
Enclosure Material High-grade 100% birch plywood High-grade 100% birch plywood
Mounting Hardware

ZETHUS-M3FF (flying frame) or ZETHUS-M3AD (pole & adapter), compact line array hardware

ZETHUS-M3AD (pole & adapter) compact line array hardware
Finish Texture coating Texture coating
Grill & Rigging Component Steel with anti-corrosion coat Steel with anti-corrosion coat
Amplifier -- STPAS-G2DSP
Input 1/4"&XLR combo 2 x 1/4"&XLR combo
Output XLR out 2 x XLR out
Control -- --
Indicator -- --
Voltage 100V-240V (50-60 Hz) 100V-240V (50-60 Hz)
Crossover Parts# -- --
High Frequency Driver Parts# -- --
Low Frequency Woofer Parts# -- STLF-15AS

Dimension & Weight

Product Width (in.) 8.9" 20.4"
Product Height (in.) 12.1" 22.8"
Product Depth (in.) 12.8" 18.4"
Product Weight (lb.) 17.1 lbs 87.4 lbs
Package Width (in.) 21.9" 23.4"
Package Height (in.) 14.4" 26.2"
Package Depth (in.) 14.6" 21.1"
Package Weight (lb.) 36.2 lbs 93.4 lbs


Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year