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The Sound Town UPDM-Q3 stands out as a 4-channel amplifier designed to deliver both power and efficiency. With the capability to produce 4 x 1150W RMS at 4Ω and 4 x 600W RMS at 8Ω, it promises a massive yet efficient power output. This cutting-edge unit employs class-D amplifier technology, which not only facilitates a lightweight design but also ensures remarkable power efficiency, setting a benchmark for unparalleled performance.

When it comes to connectivity, the UPDM-Q3 has you covered. With 4 XLR inputs and 4 Speakon outputs, connecting to your speakers and subwoofers becomes effortless. Plus, the STEREO/PARALLEL switch effectively channels the signal flow, offering a range of audio effects to suit your needs. But power and performance aren't all; safety and reliability are paramount.

This is why the UPDM-Q3 is equipped with an array of protection features, including safeguards against overload, overheating, and short-circuiting. The unit comes with a dedicated fuse holder and an array of LEDs indicating power, signal, overload, meter, and protection. A 3-second start delay, coupled with a built-in limiter, ensures a smooth, distortion-free activation every time. Housed in a robust 1U rack mount chassis, the UPDM-Q3 amplifier boasts a durable metal construction, guaranteeing long-lasting durability even under the most rigorous demands.

  • EFFICIENT POWER OUTPUT: The Sound Town UPDM-Q3 is a 4-channel amplifier, capable of powering 4 x 1150W RMS at 4Ω and 4 x 600W RMS at 8Ω , delivering massive but efficient power output
  • CUTTING-EDGE CLASS-D AMPLIFIER: Utilizing class-D amplifier technology, allows for a lightweight design with outstanding power efficiency, offering unparalleled performance
  • XLR/SPEAKON CONNECTIVITY: Connect with your speakers and subwoofers with ease using 4 XLR inputs and 4 Speakon outputs. The STEREO/PARALLEL switch effectively directs signal flow, providing diverse audio effects
  • RELIABLE PROTECTION: The UPDM-Q3 amplifier is protected with overload, overheating and short-circuit safeguard features which include a fuse holder, and power/signal/overload/meter/protect LEDs. A 3-second start delay and a built-in limiter ensures smooth activation and prevent distortions
  • ROBUST CONSTRUCTION: The durable 1U rack mount chassis boasts a durable metal construction, built to withstand the most demanding requirements with long-lasting durability

Dimension & Weight

Product Width (in.) 19.0" Package Width (in.) 22.0"
Product Height (in.) 1.7" Package Height (in.) 3.4"
Product Depth (in.) 15.4" Package Depth (in.) 17.2"
Product Weight (lb.) 12.2 lbs Package Weight (lb.) 14.0 lbs


Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year