The Sound Town STPS-1028 power sequencer ensures you power your PA system on and off correctly, eliminating excessive inrush current that could trip circuits. With eight sequenced outlets on the rear panel, it provides optimal protection to your speakers and other valuable equipment. Each of the eight sequenced outlets has an individual switch and indicator on the front panel. The power sequencing feature allows your gear to power up in stages, ensuring adequate time for each unit to stabilize before the next piece of gear powers up. There are two unswitched (always-on) outlets and one USB charging port on the front panel.

The Sound Town STPS-1028 also has a power filtration feature onboard. It removes unwanted noise and optimizes the sound performance from your music gear. Its built-in surge protector gives you power you can count on. Even better, the LCD display provides a real-time data readout. With 1U rack-mountable design and a robust metal chassis, it has a small footprint and withstands the wear of mobile use.

Note: While the STPS-1028 comes with universal outlets that accept the US and Europe power plugs, the US version (available in the North America market) only supports 120V and doesn’t support 240V.

  • Eight sequenced outlets protect your speakers and other valuable equipment. Each outlet comes with individual switch and indicator on the front panel
  • Two additional always-on outlets, one USB charging port. Built-in spike and surge protector protects guards against voltage fluctuations and electrical surges
  • EMI/RFI filter reduces electromagnetic and radio frequency interference
  • Offers up to 15 amps of power, protecting your studio and live rigs
  • 1U rack-mountable design with front LCD display for real-time data readout

Dimension & Weight

Product Width (in.) 19.0" Package Width (in.) 20.9"
Product Height (in.) 1.8" Package Height (in.) 3.8"
Product Depth (in.) 7.4" Package Depth (in.) 12.1"
Product Weight (lb.) 6.6 lbs Package Weight (lb.) 8.2 Ibs


Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year