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The Sound Town STLF-1890 is an 18” universal replacement driver for PA/DJ woofers. It is compatible with Sound Town PA speakers (subwoofers) and compatible with other brand speakers with an 18” subwoofer. The subwoofer comes with a 8-ohm impedance and has a frequency range of 35-3K Hz with a sensitivity of 98dB. It has a built-in pressed steel chassis and has a paper cone with cloth edge. With 400W RMS power handling capability, the STLF-1890 delivers a massive and deep bass, and makes a great replacement woofer for your 18-inch PA/DJ speakers or subwoofer cabinets.

  • 18” Pressed Steel Frame
  • 3” Voice Coil and 90-oz Magnet Produces Superb Sound
  • 400W RMS Power Handling Capability

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