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Enhance your audio experience with the Sound Town STC-XX25-PAIR XLR cable set, designed for both professional and amateur settings. This package includes two 25 feet XLR male-to-female cables, meticulously crafted to ensure utmost flexibility and adaptability in various environments. Each cable boasts a 3-pin balanced shielded design, which significantly minimizes interference, thus delivering superior audio quality.The cables feature a practical XLR male-to-female design, equipped with a self-locking connector. This design ensures quick, easy, and secure connectivity, making these cables ideal for a multitude of applications, including use with speakers, PA systems, and microphones.

Engineered with a robust OFC (oxygen-free copper) wire for its ability to deliver noise-free performance. This high-quality material ensures pristine sound, lossless signal transmission, and resistance to oxidation and corrosion, thus guaranteeing longevity and reliability. Each cable is encased in a heavy-duty PVC-85P rubber jacket, protecting the cables from physical damage but also enhances their flexibility. This allows for easy handling and convenient storage, making the STC-XX25-PAIR XLR cables an ideal choice for those who value both quality and practicality in their audio equipment.

  • Includes (2) 25ft XLR cables, ideal for both professional and amateur use, ensuring flexibility in a variety of settings
  • Experience superior audio quality with the STC-XX25-PAIR microphone cable's 3-pin balanced shielded design, minimizing interference
  • The XLR male-to-female design features a self-locking connector, allowing for quick and easy connectivity, securely locking it in place. Suitable for various applications, such as speakers, PA systems, and microphones
  • Engineered with a robust OFC (oxygen-free copper) wire, the STC-XX25-PAIR XLR cables delivers noise-free performance with pristine sound, lossless signals, and resistance to oxidation and corrosion
  • The heavy-duty PVC-85P rubber jacket protects against damage and enhances flexibility, allowing easy handling and convenient storage