$429.99 $599.99

Refurbished Condition: 100% testing and function is in good condition while outside box worn out and small cosmetic dents. cosmetic damages will vary, including but not limited to, damaged or cracked, bent ears, scratches, dents, etc.

The Sound Town ST-UPDM4C is a professional 4-channel UPDM power amplifier. The UPDM (Unipolar Pulse Density Modulation) technology enables the unit to keep the power consumption to minimum.

Compared to traditional Class-AB amplifier, the Sound Town ST-UPDM4C is more efficient and much lighter with less power dissipated as heat. It delivers 4 X 1400W watts at a 4-ohm, 4 X 800 watts power output at 8-ohm and provides more headroom to your PA rig.

You can also easily integrate this amplifier to your PA rig thanks to the universal XLR input and Speakon outputs. The amplifier also comes with overload protection to protect your PA speakers and subs.

  • Unipolar Pulse Density Modulation (UPDM) amplifier consumes ultra-low power.
  • Output Power: 4 x 800W RMS at 8-Ohm stereo, 4 x 1400W RMS at 4-Ohm stereo.
  • XLR input and Speakon output connectors provide great compatibility and enable the amplifier to easily fit into your PA rigs.
  • Overload protection functions keeps your PA speaker and subwoofers worry free.
  • Rugged, heavy-duty metal 1U rackmount chassis holds up to touring applications. Ultra-lightweight (less than 9 lbs) makes it easy to transport.

Dimension & Weight

Product Width (in.) 19.0" Package Width (in.) 20.9"
Product Height (in.) 6.5" Package Height (in.) 9.3"
Product Depth (in.) 1.8" Package Depth (in.) 2.6"
Product Weight (lb.) 8.0 lbs Package Weight (lb.) 8.6 lbs


Manufacturer Warranty 180 Days (6 Months)

What do the front lights of my ST-UPDM4C represent?

  • The blue light has to be on to ensure the related channel works without a problem. If you are obtaining a dim light, it should be a LED quality issue but won’t be a major problem. The lights should only have the status of 'on' or 'off'.
  • Green LED should flash when the signal reaches -36dB.
  • Red LED flash means clip (the signal is too big). Occasional flash is ok.
  • When the signal is big, the light will be solid. When the signal is small, the light will flash.

What is the power consumption in amps at full power?

  • 10 amps