The Sound Town PAC80-2 is a 2-zone compact size commercial power amplifier. It comes with 60W RMS output and can be split into two zones with individual controls. Its integrated clipping limiter protects your speakers and amp from overheating. Even better, it is capable of 70-volt, 100-volt, 16-ohm, 8-ohm, and 4-ohm and is ideal for applications such as restaurants, bars, pubs, schools and warehouse.

The power amplifier comes with two sets of RCA inputs, two mic inputs, and Bluetooth, USB, FM radio and RCA line output, 70V / 100V / 4~16-ohm red positive speaker output terminals and shared negative speaker output terminal. Its versatile input and output options allows you to easily set this up in a variety of multi-room applications. Each of the two mics input has echo control all two zones have separate volume knobs for easy adjustment.

  • 2-zone 70 volt speaker outputs with individual controls
  • Works with 70-volt and 100-volt (4~16 ohm) distributed audio system without a separate transformer
  • Versatile inputs with 2 sets of RCA inputs, 2 mic inputs, each of the 2 mics has echo control, USB input, FM radio tuner and Bluetooth with LED display
  • Built-in clipping limiter protects your speakers and amp from overheating. Cast-aluminum panel for enhanced durability
  • Ideal for multi-room applications such as restaurants, lounges, bars, pubs, schools and warehouses
Package Weight 8.5 Ibs
Package Dimensions 18.7" x 11.0" x 6.0" (inches)