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The CARPO Series CARPO-M12V5 includes:

  • (1) CARPO-M12DS 12" 1400W PA/DJ Powered Subwoofer, 2.1 Channel w/ 2 Speaker Outputs, Built-in Mixer
  • (2) CARPO-V5B Passive Column Mini Line Array Speakers
  • (1) STSD-48B-PAIR 2-Pack Universal Tripod Speaker Stands w/ Adjustable Height

Unleash the power of music with our all-inclusive CARPO-M12V5 subwoofer and column speaker set. Transform any space into an auditory haven with the (1) CARPO-M12DS powered subwoofer, (2) CARPO-V5B column speakers, and accompanying speaker stands (STSD-48B-PAIR). The CARPO-M12DS subwoofer boasts a commanding 12" low-frequency driver enhanced by a 3" voice coil, delivering an impressive 700W continuous and 1400W peak output. The CARPO-V5B column speaker amplifies your experience with its array of four 5" woofers and a 1" dome tweeter, delivering up to 250W RMS and 500W peak power at 8Ω. This compact, lightweight marvel offers precision with its impeccable horizontal and vertical directivity.

The CARPO-M12DS subwoofer seamlessly harmonizes with various sound systems. Its versatility shines with its 2-channel 1/4" & XLR combo inputs, 2 x 1/4" TRS and RCA stereo inputs, and a 1/8" AUX input. With EQ and echo controls, along with Bluetooth/USB/SD card connectivity, it's a gateway to limitless sound exploration. The 2-channel satellite speaker outputs make daisy chaining the two included CARPO-V5B speakers a breeze, ensuring an astounding 250W continuous power per channel. With the built-in 3-channel mixer, customize your sound with the adjustable LPF range of 100Hz to 500Hz and a bass boost that'll shake your surroundings while maintaining pristine clarity.

A professional-grade subwoofer and full-range column speaker system, the CARPO-M12V5 is perfect for stages, meeting rooms, courtyards, churches, restaurants, and any small to medium venues. Experience exceptional sound projection with its compact, lightweight design that guarantees easy setup and transport, making every event a resounding success.

  • COMPLETE AUDIO SOLUTION: Elevate your sound experience with our all-inclusive CARPO-M12V5 speaker set featuring a CARPO-M12DS powered subwoofer, CARPO-V5B line array column speakers, and STSD-48B-PAIR speaker stands.
  • POWERFUL PERFORMANCE: Unleash extraordinary audio with the CARPO-M12DS subwoofer featuring a 12" driver with a 3" voice coil, delivering 700W continuous and 1400W peak power output. The CARPO-V5B column speakers are equipped with four 5" woofers and one 1" dome tweeter, handling 250W RMS and 500W peak (8Ω).
  • SEAMLESS CONNECTIVITY: Effortlessly connect to various systems with CARPO-M12DS subwoofer's versatile inputs, including 2-channel 1/4" + XLR combo, 2 x 1/4" TRS and RCA, and 1/8" AUX input. EQ, echo controls, Bluetooth/USB/SD card connectivity, and 2-channel satellite speaker outputs for daisy chaining the CARPO-V5B speakers, delivering 250W continuous per channel.
  • OPTIMIZED WITH CARPO SERIES SPEAKERS: Effortlessly daisy chain two CARPO-V5 column speakers. With the built-in 3-channel mixer, fine tune your audio to your exact preferences using the adjustable LPF range 100Hz to 500Hz and bass boost.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATIONS: Professional-grade sound quality suitable for stages, meeting rooms, courtyards, churches, restaurants, and small to medium venues.

Active / Passive Active Passive
Frequency Range 40 Hz - 300 Hz 85 Hz - 20 kHz
Frequency Response 45 Hz - 300 Hz 90 Hz - 20 kHz
Sensitivity 98 dB 95 dB
SPL Max 126 dB 119 dB
Dispersion --
90º x 60º (H x V)
Configuration 12" powered subwoofer, 2.1 channel w/ 2 speaker outputs, built-in mixer 4 x 5" passive wall-mount column speaker
Transducer LF: 12" woofer, HF: -- LF: 4 x 5" woofer, HF: 1" dome tweeter
Voice Coil 3" --
Magnet 68.2 oz --
Power Handling 700W + 2 x 250W Continuous / 1400W + 2 x 500W PEAK 250W RMS / 500W Peak
Enclosure Material High-grade 100% birch plywood High-grade 100% birch plywood
Mounting Hardware Stand mount on TOP 35mm mounting socket on the bottom, U bracket w/ 10º angle adapter
Finish Texture coating Texture coating
Grill & Rigging Component Steel with anti-corrosion coat Steel with anti-corrosion coat
Amplifier Class-D w/ 2.1 channel --
Input 2 x XLR-1/4" combo inputs, 2 x 1/4" TRS, RCA, 1/8" AUX, MP3, Bluetooth --
Output 2 x speakon (power outputs), RCA signal out --
Signal Processing -- --
Control Each input channel EQ, echo, gain, subwoofer volume, 100-500 Hz LPF, bass boost, satellite volume
Indicator --
Voltage 100V-240V (50-60 Hz) 100V-240V (50-60 Hz)
Crossover Parts# --
High Frequency Driver Parts# --
Low Frequency Woofer Parts# V2-212s STLF-C4

Dimension & Weight
Product Width (in.) 25.9" 5.7" --"
Product Height (in.) 14.2" 24.0" 37.0" ~ 47.6"
Product Depth (in.) 17.7" 6.7" --"
Product Weight (lb.) 62.3 lbs 17.7 lbs
Package Width (in.) 30.3" 17.9" 4.7"
Package Height (in.) 17.7" 27.0" 38.0"
Package Depth (in.) 21.5" 8.9" 7.9"
Package Weight (lb.) 67.3 lbs 38.1 lbs 8.6 lbs

Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year