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The Sound Town STCA600-6Z is a 6-zone 19” rack mountable commercial power amplifier. It comes with 600W RMS output and can be split into 6 zones. Its integrated clipping limiter protects your speakers and amp from overheating. Even better, it is capable of 70-volt, 100-volt, 8-ohm, and 4-ohm and is ideal for applications such as restaurants, bars, pubs, schools and warehouse.

The multi-zone power amplifier comes with 2 RCA inputs, 3 mic inputs, Optical (SPDIF) input, SD card and Bluetooth, USB, FM radio and RCA line output, 70V / 100V / 4~16-ohm red positive speaker output terminals and shared negative speaker output terminal.

The amplifier's versatile input and output options allow you to easily set this up in a variety of multi-room applications. Each of the 3 mics input has echo control and all 6 zones have separate volume knobs for easy adjustment. Two mic inputs are also phantom powered and compatible with condenser microphones.

  • 6-zone speaker outputs with individual control
  • Two phantom-powered mic inputs make using condenser microphones convenient
  • Versatile inputs with 2 RCA inputs, 3 mic inputs with 1 priority mic input on the front , 1 optical (SPDIF) input, SD card, USB input, FM radio tuner and Bluetooth; each mic has repeat, speed, echo control
  • Built-in clipping limiter protects your speakers and amp from overheating
  • Ideal for multi-room applications such as restaurants, lounges, bars, pubs, schools and warehouses


Output Power
600W RMS
Output Type 70V/100V/4~16Ω
MIC Input 3mV, 600 Ω
Line Input
200mV, 10k Ω
Freq. Range 50 Hz~20k Hz
Distortion 0.5% (1k Hz)
S/N Ratio AUX 88 dB
S/N Ratio MIC 116 dB

Dimension & Weight

Product Width (in.) 19.0" Package Width (in.) 22.0"
Product Height (in.) 3.5" Package Height (in.) 7.7"
Product Depth (in.) 15.3" Package Depth (in.) 18.5"
Product Weight (lb.) 33.0 lbs Package Weight (lb.) 34.7 lbs


Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year

"Can the amplifier support 8-Ohms on one channel and 70V on the rest?"
(Answer:) Distortion may occur when some source signals are too large for input. 70V and 8-Ohm can't be used at the same time. A 6-zone cannot pick up 8-Ohm. If you want to connect 8-Ohm, you can only connect the 4-16 Ohms terminal of the main output and you can't connect any other 70V terminals.

But if all the speakers are 70V, you can connect more than one. And at the same time it can be connected to the main output of 70V-100V and 6-zone. Each zone in the 6-zone can be up to about 100W. But the whole amplifier maximum is 600W, including the main output and 6-zone sum.

"What type of speakers can the 6-zone connect to?"
(Answer:) Speakers that do not have a transformer can't be connected to the 6-zone settings on the amp, it can only connect to the 4~16 ohm terminal and can only connect a certain amount depending on the impedance. If the impedance of one speaker is 8-ohm, 2 in parallel is 4-ohm, so the amp can only connect to two 8-ohm speakers. The 6-zone connection can only be connected to a high impedance speaker (with transformer). Connecting a low impedance speaker to a high output impedance amplifier causes impedance mismatching, resulting in amplifier malfunction or damage.

"Does it have the ability to connect an exterior medium such as a phone line or
IP phone, or similar to be able to dial into it and page via a communication medium while not being directly in the same building as the amplifier itself?"
(Answer:) No, the amp does not have IP communication.

"Can your amplifier work with multiple lines at different voltages at the same time; for example: 100V, 70V, 4 Ohms & 8 Ohms etc?"
(Answer:) Low impedance 4-16 Ohms can't work at the same time with 70V/100V.