$189.99 $299.99

The Sound Town CALLISTO-215 is an affordable dual 15” full-range DJ/PA speaker with outstanding sound quality.

It comes with 600W RMS and 1200W peak power output and is built with high quality components, this unit is engineered to deliver exceptional sound across every detail. Its two 15” woofers and one high-frequency driver produce a 45Hz-20KHz frequency range causing roof-shaking volume without distortion. Expect clear and rich sound quality from the CALLISTO-215 DJ/PA speaker. Whether you use it in courtyards, meeting rooms, schools, churches, or you are in a band or running any music gigs, this speaker can be relied on for quality sound and consistent performance.

With rugged black carpeted covering, heavy-duty grille and metal corners, the speaker is road-ready. It can be easily transported with two recessed handles on the sides.

  • The two 12” top-quality woofers and one high-frequency driver deliver earth shaking volume with a broad frequency response of 45Hz-20KHz.
  • 600W RMS, 1200W peak power output with 100X45 degree coverage ensures your entire audience experience stellar and immersive sound at room-filling volume.
  • Two 1/4” inputs for easy daisy chaining and integration with your PA system.
  • Angled-side design allows the speaker to be positioned as a stage monitor.
  • Rugged black carpet covering with heavy duty grille and metal corners hold up to touring applications. Easy to transport with recessed handles on the sides.