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The Sound Town CALLISTO-12STAS1 PA system contains:

  • (2) CALLISTO-12 Full-range 12" Passive DJ/PA Speaker
  • (1) NIX-4000IB Professional Dual-Channel Amplifier
  • (2) STC-12NJ25 Audio Cables

It is perfect for musicians and DJs as well as houses of worship, pubs, bars and discos. The two passive 12” PA speakers powered by the amplifier provide punchy bass and crisp high sound quality at earthshaking volume. Both the speakers and amplifiers come with sturdy construction and hold up to touring applications.  

12" Full-range Passive DJ/PA Speaker

The Sound Town CALLISTO-12 is an affordable 12” full-range passive DJ/PA speaker that comes with 200W RMS and 400W peak power handling. Built with high quality components, this unit is engineered to deliver exceptional sound across every detail. Its 12” woofer and high frequency driver produce a 45Hz-20KHz frequency range and roof-shaking volume without distortion. You can rely on the Sound Town CALLISTO-12 speaker for live performances, DJ events, reinforcement of speeches and more.

The Sound Town CALLISTO-12 speaker can be pole mounted or stacked on a subwoofer as a main speaker or laid on its side as a stage monitor. With rugged black carpeted covering, heavy-duty grille and metal corners, the speaker is road-ready. It can be easily transported with two recessed handles on the sides.

  • The 200W RMS /400W Peak (8-Ohm) passive dj/PA speaker with one 12” woofer and one piezo high frequency driver delivers robust low bass and crisp highs
  • The 45hz-20khz frequency range with 100X45 Degree coverage ensures your entire audience experience stellar and immersive sound at room filling volume
  • Two 1/4” inputs for easy Daisy chaining: one socket on the bottom for pole mounting
  • Angled sides design allows the speaker to be positioned as a stage monitor
  • Rugged black carpeted covering with heavy duty grille and metal Corners hold up to TOURING applications. Easy to transport with RECESSED handles on the sides

Professional Dual-Channel, 2 x 1000W at 4-ohm, 4000W Peak Output Power Amplifier

The Sound Town dual-channel NIX-4000IB amplifier provides massive power output at an affordable price. It comes with XLR and 1/4" TRS input connectors and can be easily connected to your PA system. Each of the two channels has its own DC and thermal overload protection that can protect your amplifier and speakers. Two fans in the chassis efficiently prevent excessive heat from building up and keep your rig running. The amplifier is built with top quality components and you can rely on it for great sound performance and reliability.

The NIX-4000IB amplifier is capable of delivering 500W RMS per channel @ 8 Ohms, 1000W RMS per channel @ 4 Ohms and 4000W peak output. It comes with a heavy duty metal exterior and can hold up to touring applications. It is ideal for small to medium sized clubs, restaurants, stages, mobile PA systems, schools, places of worship, public installations, etc. 

  • Output Power: 2 x 500W RMS @ 8-Ohm Stereo, 2 x 1000W RMS @ 4-Ohm Stereo, 4000W peak output. 
  • XLR and 1/4" TRS input connectors provide great compatibility. 
  • Independent DC and thermal overload protection on each channel automatically protects the amplifier and speakers. 
  • Efficient dual DC fans prevent excessive thermal buildup. 
  • The rugged, heavy duty metal 2U rack mount chassis holds up to touring applications.