The Sound Town STSD-ADM20B-PAIR includes two STSD-ADM20B poles. The STSD-ADM20B is a sturdy subwoofer / speaker extended pole and comes with M20 threaded lower end. Even better, a 35mm adapter is included and allows this pole to work with subwoofers that have 35mm mounting as well. The pole has sturdy steel construction and makes your PA system setup a breeze.

This subwoofer/speaker extended pole is optimized for the Sound Town subwoofers and PA speakers and is also compatible with any subwoofers and speakers that come with 35mm or M20 mounting.

  • Two speaker mount poles included
  • Fits subwoofers with either M20 threaded or 35mm mounting sockets
  • Compact cylinder design, sturdy steel construction
  • Easy one hand operation
  • 110 lbs. maximum weight capacity per pole
Package Weight 2.6 lbs.
Package Dimensions 20.5 x 3.2 x 1.6“ (inches)